Best Fiction Games and Non-Fiction Online Games


Best Fiction games are those feature plots that are based on imaginary ideas rather than facts. These categories of games are based on things that are not real or those that are impossible. However, to enjoy fiction games, you will have to hold the plot in a regard that is similar to that of nonfictional games by believing that the story and characters are real. Fiction games are mostly inspired by fictional books and movies. The theme of the games may range from fantasy to science fiction. Interactive fiction and text-based games are also part of this category. There are several online fictional games and this post will highlight a few.

Interestingly there are many fiction game apps available for players to download. This is irrespective of whether you use a mac, android or an iOS-powered device as many of the games are compatible with all platforms. In addition, many of these fiction games do not require users to make in-app purchases and download. This invariably means that gamers can enjoy these games anywhere and at any given point in time even without internet connections. Here are some best fiction games you should consider trying out:

80 Days Online Fiction Games

This is an interesting online fiction game developed by inkle Studios. The game is an adventurous game that is packed with lots of features for players. The plot of 80 Day allows gamers to take on the role of Passepartout, who is a loyal valet to Phineas Fogg. The game shows the adventures of the two as they set out with the aim of circumnavigating the earth in 80 days. While playing 80 Days, players will have to properly manage itinerary, finances as well as keeping the game’s major character safe. Gamers will also have to think critically in order to choose the safest and easiest route to take.

Sorcery Fiction Game

Inkle Studios created an amazing and entertaining idea in its Sorcery online fiction game. This game brings so many new features to the online fiction gaming industry. Sorcery allows its gamers to manipulate the game and its characters as they please. Players can choose alphabets from the sky to make spells, move characters easily across a map as well as engage in wars that require gamers to use war tactics and strategies in order to be victorious. It’s hard to look away from this game. Interested players can play the game for free online.

Gamebook Adventures 12: Asuria Awakens

This is an amazing online fictional game developed by Tin Man Games. Fiction gamers will find this game interesting as it is an adventure-fantasy themed game with lots of amazing characters and suspense. The game features high-quality graphics and images. Gamebook Adventures 12: Asuria Awakens is packed with lots of features and surprises for players. Other amazing online fictional games are Choice of Robots, Heavy Metal Thunder, To Be Or Not To Be, A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight, Trial of the Clone, Hakuoki, Necklace of Skulls and many others.

Nonfictional online games, on the other hand, are games that are based on facts and real-life events. These games are mostly inspired by nonfiction books or a real-life occurrence witness by the developer or other individuals. Nonfictional online games also include games that are developed for educational purposes to be used in schools such as word games, numbers games, spelling games, puzzles and much more. There are both online and offline versions of nonfictional games. While the online versions can be played for free on websites that feature it, the offline version can be purchased from the open market, in-store and online stores.

Interestingly, these games are suitable for all age groups and will be perfect for individuals who are searching for destress activities or those who want to enjoy some amazing games with friends and families. Most nonfictional games are IQ games and will require players to be critical thinkers in order to be successful. They can also aid in building the IQ of kids who just started to learn how to read and write. Some interesting nonfiction games are Guess the Animal game, Ice Cream Detective, Bears Reading Comprehension, Flightless Birds Reading Comprehension, Roly’s Seasons Quiz, Informational Text Quiz, Informational Text Quiz 2, and many others.

Best Online Interactive Fiction Games


Online interactive fiction games or simply IF games are entertaining software whereby gamers utilize text commands to influence the environment and even to control the game’s characters. These games are either text-based or video games and are enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Online fiction games that are interactive are garnering more popularity by the day as the game is now played by individuals of all age groups. The games are also adopted as a source of entertainment for different occasions such as parties, casual gathering and even in schools for educational purposes.

Just like many other online games, fiction games going interactive have also be adopted by gamblers and are used both officially and casually. These types of games are entertaining and they serve as a perfect de-stress activity. Due to the way the software is programmed, it gives players the feel of actually being in the game setting which is a feeling that is not found in many other contemporary games. You may choose to enjoy interactive games alone or with friends and families. Online fiction games are developed with different themes that depicts what the developer has in mind such as adventure, comics, and many others.

There is usually no country or region restrictions for online interactive games. The games are also suitable for individuals in all age groups. You only need a computer and internet connection to enjoy this games online. Many sites that feature the IF games may require you to sign up in order to play. The games are being developed for other platforms and developers have claimed that they feature the same graphics quality as that of the desktop browsers. Here are some interesting online interactive games you should try out:


This is an amazing interactive fiction game that was developed by Adam Cadre. It is believed that Photopia is the most influential interactive fiction game in the history of the gaming industry. The game provides players with a feel that they are being told an interesting story rather than playing a game. The game features a theme of the life of new generation friends from the pub back home. The plot shows the player waking in the car that is moving following an interesting night at a club. The car is driven by a friend. Ater that, players will discover that they are suddenly the first girl on the red planet. Photopia is an interesting interactive fiction game that you don’t want to miss.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is another great online interactive fiction game developed by Douglas Adams. The theme of the game is derived from the book and the movie titled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the IF game, the player is confronted with a situation where he/she has to deal with bulldozers that are brought to demolish their house so as to use the land in building a motorway bypass. In the middle of all that, a friend, Ford Prefect comes to inform the player that the earth is going to demolished so as to build an interstellar bypass. The is an interesting online interactive fiction game that has a lot in store for its players. Interested gamers can play the game for free on the Text Adventures website.

For A Change Online IF game

This is an online interactive fiction game developed by Dan Schmidt. The game is more like a poem than a game. It is text adventure game that features invented vocabulary. The game will provide players with an unimaginable experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Interested players can enjoy the game on the Interactive Fiction Database site.

Lost Pig

Lost Pig And Place Underground is a great online interactive fiction game developed by Grunk. The game is all about finding a lost pig. The players have to embark on a quest to find the lost pig. The lost pig is an interesting online interactive fiction game that is suitable for individuals who are looking for a de stressing activity to carry out. The IF game features an adventure style puzzle with basic rules. This game is a great choice for both amateur and experienced gamers. You can enjoy the game for free on its website.

Whom The Telling Changed

This is another interesting online interactive fiction game developed by Aaron A. Reed. It features an adventurous theme where players have to convince the villagers whether to go to war or not as the story of Gilgamesh is been told. The village is situated in ancient Mesopotamia. The game is interesting and your success in the game is dependent on your argument power and your ability to convince the villagers to support your point of view.

Here are other interesting interactive fiction games you should try out: No-one has to die, Fleeing the Complex, Icarus Needs, Home Story: 1971, We Become What We Behold, Johnny Rocketfingers 2, The Sagittarian 2, Medieval Cop – Adam and Eva, The Journey Home, Just Chatting, Home, The Sagittarian 3, Memoir Text Adventure, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2, Interactive Bob 2, Johnny Rocketfingers, Interactive Bob I and many others.